Founder and CEO

Dr. Abdulla Al Darmaki

Founder and CEO

Dr. Abdullah obtained PhD in Management and Institutional Excellence and Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management Strategies. As well as he is an Academic, faculty member of many Universities, researcher for several scientific researches and papers in refereed global journals and author of several books.

A certified trainer in Institutional Excellence Science and Human Resources. In addition, he serves as an assessor for many awards of excellence within the United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, Dr Abdullah won many awards in addition to his profession as a writer, researcher, trainer, assessor, expert and faculty member.


Diffusion of knowledge: An Expert in Evaluation and Excellence Field for many Federal and Local Governmental Authorities, particularly within the United Arab Emirates. His task is to evaluate such authorities and provide them with performance development reports, which led to development of these authorities, creation of competition among them and support to the governmental direction for organization performance development and global leadership. In addition, he is a Certified assessor in many excellence awards, which depend on different models such as “the Fourth Generation of the Government Excellence Model” and “The EFQM Global Excellence.” Such awards include the following:

  • Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance.
  • Dubai Government Excellence Program.
  • Sharjah Economic Excellence Network Award.
  • Dubai Quality Award.
  • Dubai Human Development Award.
  • Emirates Association for Social Development Award.
  • Emirates Women Award.
  • Ministry of Energy Innovation Award;
    and - many other awards from other institutions.


Here is a quick overview about his biography

  • Obtained PhD in Management and Institutional Excellence from Management and Science University (MSU), Malaysia, 2016. The thesis was entitled “The Role of Total Quality Management, Human Resources Management, and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Organizational Performance of Al Ain City Municipality: the moderating role of Organizational Excellence.” In addition, he obtained Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management Strategies from The University of Wollongong in Dubai in 2009.
  • Obtained Watani Al Emarat Award in 2016.
  • Participated in Government Leadership Program of the American University in Sharjah in 2014.
  • Awarded Rashid Award in 2017 in the fields of Scientific Excellence.
  • Articles: Published many articles in UAE Newspapers such as: Al Khaleej Newspaper, Al Roeya Newspaper and Al Ain News.
  • Scientific Research: Published many scientific papers in refereed global journals.
  • Training: Certified trainer in Institutional Excellence and Human Development Science.

Skills and Experience

Skills and Experience

Academic Career

  • Faculty member of Sharjah Police Science Academy to teach students of Master of Quality Management and Excellence in Security, for the Academic Year 2017-2018 in the course of quality planning, the best practices and transfer of knowledge course. Moreover, he participated as an assessor in “Police and Legal Science Journal” issued by Sharjah Police Science Academy.
  • Supervised the evaluation of many PhD researches in the fields of Strategy, Leadership and Institutional Performance.
  •  Trainer in many Governmental and Private organizations.
  • Assistant Professor in the University of Fujairah. Lecturing at the University for the Academic Year 2018-2019; on the subject of Management.
  • Assistant Professor in Ajman University of Science and Technology teaching subject “Organization Theory and Design”.
  • Attended international conferences related to quality and Institutional performance.
  • Provided administrative consultancies to many institutions and individuals.