who we are!

We are a UAE national organization that offers high-quality leading and distinguished consultations and training services. Our services are beyond customers' expectations to enable the customers to have levels of excellence and enhance their competitiveness in business environment.
We are keen on working to become special pioneering service providers to offer the world's best training and consultations. We aim to increase the levels of individuals and organizations to set an example for providing training and consultation services.


We lay the groundwork for our success according to the saying of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum "The race for excellence has no finish line.” We depend on that notion to help our society get proper and right knowledge and develop NGOs and governmental organizations under directives of our wise leadership to achieve the vision of the UAE.

Accordingly, the Strategic Center for Consultations and Training seeks to fulfil and achieve our wise leadership"s vision and strategies. We are well aware that our partnership with private and public sector organizations in the State is one of our top priority. We always aspire to cement and strengthen such relation and enhance building mutual trust to reach our desired ends. Strategic Center for Consultations & Training has the merit of design and execution of variable and advanced training program, which aim to satisfy the different needs of the employees, managers and interested parties at various governmental and private sectors within the United Arab Emirates, GCC Countries and Arab Countries through providing them with knowledge, skills and capacity building.

The key feature of our training and consultative programs is combining both theoretical and practical aspects, designing programs as per the organization needs that contribute to develop the performance of organizations and prove their operations. Moreover, the Center uniquely develops practical programs through variable training bundles.


The first choice as a partner in development of organizations’ performance and their human resources.


To provide the best consultative and training practices and innovative development solutions to improve the performance of organizations by using the latest methods and engaging the best trainers and consultants in compliance with the highest international professional criteria.



To provide the innovative solutions to develop the competitive abilities of the organizations and enhance their leadership.